Arkansas Wildlife Federation

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I get hunting and fishing licenses?
A. Typically, most sporting goods stores and local stores throughout the state sell hunting and fishing licenses. Also, you can call the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission office in Little Rock at 501-223-6300 or 1-800-364-4263 to find the nearest place you can acquire a hunting or fishing licenses, or you can visit AGFC online and purchase a hunting or fishing license.

Q. What do I do if I find injured wildlife?
A. Depending on where you are located when you find injured wildlife, you should call the area office of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. Call AGFC at 501-223-6300 to secure the name and wildlife officer for your area. AGFC has a page of rehabilitators on their website. These are not AGFC employees, but individuals/organizations licensed to properly handle injured animals.

Q. How do I join the AWF?
A. Visit our membership page.

Q. Where does my money go when I join?
A:100% of all contributions to the AWF stay in Arkansas!

Q. Does AWF support hunting?
Yes, Arkansas Wildlife Federation was founded by hunters and anglers as well as farmers, doctors, dentists and many outdoor enthusiasts who are hikers, canoeist, mountain climbers, spelunkers, etc. We believe all Arkansans and visitors to our state should have the opportunity to hunt and fish within the guideline of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

Q. Is AWF an environmental organization?
A: An environmental organization is a broad term that encompasses many different ideas of protection for the environment. AWF advocates environmental protection while at the same time supports the sustainable harvest of animals for food and for pleasure.

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