Arkansas Wildlife Federation

Arkansas Wildlife Federation Education Projects

First and foremost, the Arkansas Wildlife Federation believes conservation education is the key to good stewardship of our natural resources.

AWF strongly supports and participates in efforts that are designed to help both the youngster and the adult better understand the environment and issues that affect our natural resources. AWF single biggest conservation education tool is our publication, Arkansas Out-of-Doors. This newsprint tabloid is published 8-10 times per year and is distributed to our members and others interested in hunting, fishing, and conservation. It is estimated that 6,500 people read each issue.

The Arkansas Wildlife Federation also sponsors seminars on a wide variety of topics, featuring experts in various fields. Some programs deal with issues such as forest management, wetlands or water quality while others may focus on hunting, fishing, or nature appreciation. These efforts are often undertaken in cooperation with other organizations or agencies, such as our seminars to help farmers better understand how to take advantage of the conservation provisions of the Farm Bill.

The Arkansas Wildlife Federation, in cooperation with the National Wildlife Federation, annually conducts a Conservation Achievement Awards Program to honor citizens and organizations that have excelled in various natural resource related endeavors. Awards are given to outstanding efforts in conservation education, wildlife conservation and water conservation, to name just a few of the categories. This program heightens the environmental awareness of the public while honoring deserving Arkansans.

In cooperation with the National Wildlife Federation, the Arkansas Wildlife Federation sponsors the National Wildlife Week each year in May and distributes prior to this week conservation education materials to all public schools in Arkansas.

The Arkansas Wildlife Federation actively participates in public hearings before state and federal agencies regarding the protection and preservation of Arkansas important natural resources of clean air, water and the land to keep Arkansas the Natural State.

In conjunction with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, the Federation also presents special awards to Arkansans who excel in the Acres for Wildlife Program. This program is conducted by the Game and Fish Commission to better improve wildlife habitat on private property. The Awards Program sponsored by AWF is a tool to encourage more participation in Acres for Wildlife.

AWF often conducts a wildlife art contest that features Arkansas artists. The winning painting of an Arkansas critter is often printed and may be used as a membership recruitment tool. It also gives artists in the Natural State an opportunity to receive greater exposure and brings public awareness to the species painted.

AWF conducts education programs and presentations, at no charge, schools, civic clubs and other gatherings. These programs cover a wide range of conservation topics and outdoor recreational pursuits.

The Arkansas Wildlife Federation often sponsors political candidate forums. The Federation is a nonpartisan organization that is prohibited from endorsing any candidates, but our organization sponsors these forums to give citizens a chance to ask those who are seeking office how they feel about various conservation and environmental issues.

AWF’s 105-acre Snyder Wetlands, located on the eastern border of North Little Rock, is available to schools that wish to study wetlands, water, forestry, wildlife or related topics. It is an undeveloped natural resource paradise that is easily accessible to any Central Arkansas School. AWF intends to build a new 14,850 square foot Wetland Nature Center and Administrative Offices on this site.

The Arkansas Wildlife Federation is committed to actively involving youth in conservation education. AWF has recently begun promoting Youth Affiliate Conservation Clubs in elementary, middle and high schools throughout Arkansas.

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