Arkansas Wildlife Federation

The Arkansas Wildlife Federation offers conservation education programs to civic clubs, churches, hunting and fishing clubs, Boy Scouts clubs, youth organizations, college clubs, local businesses and city agencies. Typically, these presentations are made by AWF board members and officers and staff. The Speakers Bureau is established to provide timely presentations and information on key environmental issues such as:

  • “Practicing Good Environmental Stewardship in Your Home, Office and Community”
  • “Understanding the Impact of Global Warming on our environment”
  • “Tree Huggers and Environmentalists are not the Enemy”
  • “Hunters and Anglers are Frontline Conservationists”
  • “Encouraging Your Company and Employees to be good stewards of the Environment”
  • “Teaching our Children How to Protect the Environment”
  • “Understanding Wildlife Habitat Needs”

Call or email the AWF office at 501-224-9200.

There are no upcoming events.