Arkansas Wildlife Federation

The Arkansas Wildlife Federation is committed to establishing youth conservation clubs in all elementary, middle and high schools throughout the state. Jimmy Reynolds, a member of the AWF Board of Directors and chair of the Conservation Education and Information Committee, is a high school science teacher in Greenwood, Arkansas. Jimmy and Melissa Reynolds are working with the AWF state offices to encourage science teachers in elementary, middle and high schools statewide to begin establishing youth conservation clubs. Below are the requirements and expectations of each youth club.

Each youth conservation club must:

  • Have at least 10 students who will pay the $5 annual membership fee.
  • Have an adult sponsor – preferably a science teacher or parents who would coordinate with the school’s science department and AWF
  • Select and implement at least one environmental conservation project each school year either for their school, city or county where school resides
  • Develop a public awareness project for its community to stress theimportance of protecting the environment – such as clear air, water and soil
  • Select and establish the duties of key officers such as: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Reporter
  • Provide to the AWF administrative offices a report of their club activities with photos (when possible) that can be placed in AWF statewide newspaper ARKANSAS OUT-OF-DOORS

Here is what the Arkansas Wildlife Federation will do for each youth conservation club:

After they have secured 10 members or more and filed this list with the AWF office with the $5 per membership, AWF will immediately prepare and mail the following materials:

  • Official charter as an approved youth conservation club of the Arkansas Wildlife Federation
  • Membership cards for each membership submitted
  • Organizational materials to form a youth conservation club
  • A planning and information guide called “Conservation Action Guide” written specifically by the National Wildlife Federation to encourage young people to develop local conservation programs for their community
  • Information on establishing Back-yard or School Yard Habitats – an information guide
    produced by the National Wildlife Federation
  • Contact information for the AWF state administrative office as well as a listing of the  AWF Board of Directors.
  • The most recent issue of the Arkansas Out-Of-Door Newspaper which in the
      immediate future will have at least a page about youth  conservation club activities.
  • Information brochures about the Arkansas Wildlife Federation giving its history and activities
  • A visit by an AWF staff member or member of the AWF Board of Directors to  discuss how AWF and each youth conservation club can work together to promote and educate local Arkansans on good conservation practices, protecting and enhancing  wildlife, and wildlife habitat and on being good stewards of our environment.

The Conservation Education and Information Committee and AWF staff are committed to establishing at least 200 youth conservation clubs throughout the state during 2008-2009. AWF is excited and committed to involve at least 1000 to 2000 students in Arkansas promoting and implementing positive conservation programs at the county, city and community levels. Sign up if you are interested in establishing a Youth Conservation Program at your middle, junior high, high school, college or university- at to seek information and assistance.
You may download the PDF Application here.

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