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Some organisms are dependent on certain climatic conditions (i.e. spring dates, frost dates, precipitation, temperature, etc.) to trigger life history events. Many other organisms are dependant on these organisms for survival. As these environmental conditions change, the timing of many life history events in animals change, putting into question the preservation of these relationships in nature. Some organisms will adjust and survive but many more vulnerable species may perish as these delicate ecological relationships are altered.

Global warming has already been shown to have adverse effects on wildlife, including a migration to higher latitudes and a northward shift of home ranges An analysis of many scientific articles was compiled into a larger report  and a majority of the findings were shown to be consistent with global warming predictions for organisms. In addition, the Parmesan report which outlines current global warming impacts on community and ecosystem change can be viewed here.

Global Warming, Arkansas Sportsman, and Game Species

Increasingly sportsman and hunters have become more and more aware about the effects of global warming on their particular game species.  In Arkansas 77% of hunters and anglers agree global warming is currently occurring, and 74% agree global warming is a threat to the state economy because it depends upon income from natural resources, such as the timber industry and hunting and fishing.

The blog ontarget global warming  deals with the relationship between global warming and hunters, and has the results of the national sportsman poll on global warming. Also a wealth of information on the potential effects of global warming on game and relevant fish species in Arkansas is addressed on this site.

Duck hunters interested in passing on their sporting traditions to their children and grandchildren should be aware of the potential negative effects that Global Warming can have on their favorite duck species. Also, anglers should be concerned with global warming, and the potential effects it poses to the survival of game species in the many generations to come.  Coldwater fish are particularly vulnerable because they don’t respond well to warming water.  For more information on global warming’s effect on cold water fish go here.

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